Monosodium glutamate Seasoning Safi Moto 500g

Monosodium glutamate Seasoning Safi Moto 500g.

Product Type Monosodium Glutamate
Color White
Certification HACCP, ISO
Packaging Bag
Weight (kg) 1
Shelf Life 1 year
Place of Origin Vietnam

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Monosodium glutamate Seasoning Safi Moto


    454G X 25BAGS X   2BOXES 875CTNS   /19.8625MTS
    454G X 20BAGS X   2BOXES 1077CTNS/19.5583MTS
    400G X 20BAGS X   2BOXES 1092CTNS/17.472MTS
8-12MESH, 10-14MESH, 99%,90%,85%,80%, 227G X 40BAGS X   2BOXES 1077CTNS/19.5583MTS
12-16MESH, 20MESH, 75%,70%, 65%,60%,55%,50% 200G X 40BAGS X   2BOXES 1092CTNS/17.472MTS
30MESH, 40MESH, 40-60MESH   100G X   100SACHETS X 2BAGS 900CTNS/18MTS
    15G X 20SACHETS   X 25BAGS 1600CTNS/12MTS
    3G X 80SACHETS   X 50BAGS 900CTNS/10.8MTS
    3KGS X 4BAGS 1800CTNS/21.6MTS
    25KGS/PKG 940PKGS /   23.5MTS